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Say Hello to Squeak

Alcho is excited to announce that we are launching scheduled cleaning services for property owners who care about the details and top-notch customer service.

Squeak is a subscriber-based cleaning service that specializes in private homes and short-term rental properties.

Clients can choose the package and add-ons that suit their unique needs. Each property’s profile will be documented to ensure all of the unique details are considered. Our client portal gives second-home owners 24/7 access to activity on the property, ticket support and virtual meetings for site inspections.

how we serve

Standard Service Structure


Each service subscription begins with a walk-through with the homeowner to identify key concerns and priorities. A profile is created and initial deep cleaning of your entire space is scheduled. The subsequent visits are scheduled according to the Client’s wishes and they don’t have anything else to worry about. For clients who live abroad, we offer a completely virtual onboarding service and immediate access to the client portal for further management.


Our cleaning services are perfect for dedicated Air BnB properties or second homes that rent part-time. Property owners and managers can enjoy regular cleaning maintenance, automatic turnover service between rentals or housekeeping services as an add-on to guests. Services begin with an initial deep cleaning and follow-up services as scheduled. For property owners off-island receive immediate access to the online portal for further management.

A-La-Carte Services

Convenient services for your not-so-everyday needs

the alcho clean

The 'Squeak' Experience

Enjoy the beauty of your home without all of the elbow grease. Our scheduled maintenance model allows our clients to free their minds entirely of regular home maintenance and cleaning.

We begin with a walk-through with the Client or their representative to highlight areas of concern or priority and to share details of any special instructions or care. A deep cleaning is scheduled to ensure a “squeak-y” start to their pre-scheduled cleaning.

A profile is created for each client and property that can be easily referenced by the Client or any team member assigned to oversee activity on the property.


We design your visitation schedule to suit your specific needs. Subscriptions are available for daily visits, 3 times/week, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly visits.

To accommodate various lifestyle choices, Clients can choose their cleaning product profile:

Green Clean
Kid & Pet Friendly

Need a little more than what is included in the subscription? Add-on services are available. Including:

Blinds & Drapes
Refrigerator Cleaning
Oven Cleaning

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