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Generally, new construction can cost anywhere between USD300 – 800 per sq. ft. in Eleuthera. It depends on a number of variables such as size, location and finish to name a few.


We perform comprehensive consultations and evaluations over the course of two weeks before preparing an estimate for clients.

Each estimate includes takeoffs, site visit, plan printing and the estimation of labor costs and timeline.

There are a number of reputable building supply companies on the island. We also often ship materials in from the Capital. Internationally sourced materials can be shipped in, but bear in mind that they are subject to additional, duty, brokerage, tax and trucking charges.

The standard requirements for an application for a building permit include the following:

  • Complete plans printed in triplicate (include mechanical, electrical & plumbing plans)
  • Complete the application for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance for the Department of Environmental Protection
  • Plans drawn by international architects must be certified by a locally licensed architect
  • Permit Fees (non-refundable)
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