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Why Do We Recommend Preventative Maintenance?

we’re glad you asked 🙂

The responsibilities around owning a property are endless. For many, it can seem much easier to ignore small signs of wear or minor damage, passing it off as a quick fix they can always get around to. We’ve recently begun offering Preventative Maintenance Services and thought it would be important to explain why because we think the benefits are THAT important.

It Protects Your Investment

The investments made in properties are some of the largest personal investments made. When you maintain your systems, appliances and property regularly you not only extend the life of your purchase but avoid having to replace items prematurely or excessively or worse, endangering yourself or others with poorly functioning equipment, systems or appliances.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
It Enhances the Quality of Your Experience

There is nothing worse than dealing with hours without electricity with a generator on property, or cold water in the middle of hosting guests due to a broken heater or paying considerably higher power bills because of a faulty water pump – when it could’ve been avoided with small fixes at the start of issues. You deserve to enjoy the features of your property the way it was designed to be experienced. Regular maintenance reduces the chances of unexpected accidents and breakdowns.

Photo by Thirdman
It Protects or Increases Your Property Value

A home that is well maintained will be much better received on the market. Investing in maintenance ensures you’re able to make the return on your investment in the features of your home instead of managing negotiations for repairs or replacements. Buyers will feel more confident about purchasing from a homeowner who has taken good care of their property and would be less likely to negotiate heavily when there aren’t major repairs to consider.

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