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3 Awesome Faucet Brands for Island Life

I bet you haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this small detail while you dream of your life on the islands. The salty air quickly turns overlooked details into visual nuisances and frequent replacements. For faucets that stand up to the elements and hard water, our Clients trust these brands.

Photo credit: Waterworks

Probably the most popular brand we work with, Waterworks creates high-end kitchen and bath products. With many style options made from materials that wear gracefully and require relatively minimal maintenance, this brand can not only finish any space on your property, but last a long time.

Pfister Faucets
Photo credit: Pfister

Not necessarily a household name, Pfister offers a number of great innovative features in their faucet line. Even better, they offer the Pforever Warranty®, a lifetime warranty that guarantees free replacements, which can be great for faucets that are exposed to the elements.

If you don’t want to leave every detail of your modern amenities behind, you don’t have to. This brand carries traditional, transitional and modern lines of kitchen faucets with innovative features like built-in water filtration and touchless technology.

Vigo Industries
Photo Credit: Vigo Industries

This brand is perfect for those that want to stand out – a lot. If you’re looking to inspire the design of a room around a faucet, use it as a conversation starter or just find EXACTLY what you’re looking for, they have created some of the most visually interesting pieces we have seen.

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